Van Schijndel VSA E-Lifter

VSA ACB Trituradora de documentos

With the VSA – ACB Document Shredder  Van Schijndel added a new unique product to its product range.

Many years of experience in the field of archive collection led to this unique collection body:

  • ACB Lift that is suited for a spectrum of (archive) containers.
  • With or without electronic locks.
  • Full automatic opening and tilting of container in a closed environment.
  • A large loading capacity because of press mechanism.

The VSA – ACB Document Shredder combines all these advantages.

A unique body was created by combining a newly developed paper/document shredder with the proven ACB lifter.

At various customer service locations the

VSA – ACB Document Shredder empties the containers and immediately shreds the documents by means of the shredder.

Exceptionally well designed mechanically and hydraulically systems in combination with PTO (Power Take Off) power deliver sufficient energy for the document shredder. The advantage is that there is no requirement for an external power source and still a large shredding and collection volume can be obtained.

The rear loader can also be delivered in a loading dock version. This model can be used when loading level varies because of ramps / loading docks.

The VSA – ACB Document Shredder can be mounted on almost every chassis and can be equipped with a weighing system.

This very modern loading system is specially developed for the use of a variety of plastic and aluminium containers up to 1100 litres with or without mechanic or electronic locks.

The RCV body is available in sizes up to 26m³.

An optional fire detection and extinguishing system guarantees safety.

The loading and shredder area can be equipped with a camera control and recording system.

The shredder meets DIN66399 standards P1 to P4.

All Van Schijndel Refuse Collection Vehicles are Built according to the strict European regulations and carry the CE norms.

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