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Waste Collection Systems

Van Schijndel B.V. is no longer an indispensable name in the waste collection sector. As a specialised company, it is involved in designing and producing waste collection systems for paper, household and industrial waste.

We can act as a partner with growing sales both domestically and overseas.

Van Schijndel B.V. provides revolutionary systems which are among the best available on the market. However you can also always rely on Van Schijndel as a partner for spare parts, maintenance and inspection.

With safety and quality in mind, we construct both high quality and efficient systems. They are flexible and practical, with user-friendly operating systems.

In combination with wireless communication, we are able to monitor your vehicle from a distance and can carry out an (error) diagnosis.

The VSAII and VSAIII both have a large volume and unique compression mechanism which ensures a high level of waste compaction.

From the basic standard model, you can determine the technical specifications of the system.

In combination with an integrated loader from Van Schijndel, we will recommend the appropriate waste collection vehicle in consultation with you.

Furthermore, you can have the systems delivered, while our staff will gladly help you to reflect upon the right type of solutions.